Emergency Dental Care

emergency dental care


There are many reasons you may need a dental emergencies dentist in San Diego. If you have dental emergency in San Diego like ( toothache, wisdom tooth problems, Broken tooth, infections, cosmetic problems, front tooth fracture, crown coming out, fractured crowns or broken veneer, losing a filling, etc. )

Different Dental emergencies will be handled by just a phone call 858-922-3762 , and depending of the type of dental emergency in San Diego, Dr. Shojania can help you in most cases immediately.

If you have a Toothache it could be:

A) filling that came out; which it can easily be replaced.

B) Crown that came out; which if there is no cavity under it, it can be re-cemented permanently.

C) Cavity related; which the cavity will be removed, and depending on the size of the cavity, it can either be filled, crowned, or in some cases Inlay (hard porcelain that replaces the removed tooth structure inside of the tooth made by the lab; or Only (hard porcelain that replaces the removed tooth structure and part of the biting surface made by the lab).

D) Infection related; which the infection will be removed, and prescribe antibiotics.

E) Wisdom tooth issues; that either antibiotic will fix it; or it needs to be extracted (removed).

F) Fractured tooth / broken tooth; which if it involves the nerve, the nerve has to be removed (root canal), and then restored by filling; or crown depending on the size.

G) Cosmetic problems like anterior (front) tooth fracture; that can be temporary fixed right away, and discuss the treatment needed (filling, crown, etc.).

H) Fractured crown or veneer; which it will redo them; or temporary fix it.

When there is a dental emergencies dentist in San Diego, it is very hard to find a dentist that is there for you any time of the week you need it. Normally when there is a dental emergencies dentist in San Diego, either the dentist is not available, or it is very hard to get a hold of, or even when you get the hold of the dentist, the dentist is not willing to see you right away in his office.

Also not all dentists are knowledgeable to fix any dental emergencies in San Diego. Your dental emergencies dentist in San Diego could be major or minor; no matter what, we can help you in Extreme Smile Makeover. At Extreme Smile Makeover, Dr. Shojania will make you feel comfortable no matter what is the nature of your dental emergencies in San Diego.

Lastly, if your dental emergencies dentist in San Diego has to do with periodontal problem / gum issues, you will be happy to know that we have the best dedicated, and detail oriented dental hygienist in San Diego with 29 years of experience that will help you to have a healthy gums.

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