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What Your Dentist Will Be Using

Your dentist will decide to restore your jawbone using either some bone grafts taken from your own body, a synthetic bone substitute or cow’s bone. Whatever his choice, the bone graft will usually signal your body to start layering new natural bone down around it, strengthening the entire section of your jawbone.

But in the case of some artificial bone substitutes, the body does not respond by building new bone, and the implant will be inserted directly into the synthetic graft.

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Dental Bone Grafting
Dental Bone

The Dental Implant Bone Grafting Process

Your doctor will employ one of the several different methods when doing your dental implant bone graft. A block bone graft, for instance, is used to take bone from another part of your body for an autogenous dental implant bone graft. The bone will probably be removed from your hip or your chin, and grafted to the jawbone in the spot where the implant will eventually be inserted.

The autogenous bone graft will take between three and six months to heal, during which time the body will be securing it with a new growth of the jawbone. The biggest drawback to using your own body’s bone for your dental implant is that the removal of the bone graft will have to be taken in an orthopedic surgical procedure performed in a hospital while you are under an anesthetic.

Another type of dental implant bone graft is called “Allograft,” and is made from bone extracted from cadavers. While it may sound quite gruesome, cadaver bone harvesting is extremely common, being done under the strict regulation of bone banks, and has been safely used to provide the bone for ten of thousands of procedures.

When animal bones are used in dental bone grafting, the process is called xenograft. Because both the cadaver bones of allografts and the animal bones of xenografts are foreign to the patients in whom they will be used, they will infrequently result in a tissue rejection reaction.

Dental Bone
Dental Bone

Do You Even Need A Dental Implant Bone Graft?

But no matter what sort of dental implant bone graft your dentist chooses, the entire pint will be to bolster your jawbone density so that your dental implant will have a secure foundation in which to be inserted. If your jawbone is currently healthy, and you have not gum problems in the area where your implant will be placed, you can forget all about dental implant bone grafting and get ready to enjoy your permanent new teeth!

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