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Full and partial denture:

A denture ( false teeth ) is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. There are two kinds of dentures, full and partial. Full denture replaces the whole teeth in the arch. If the patient gets the denture at the same time that the teeth are pulled, it is called immediate denture. Immediate denture should be replaced with a final full denture when the bone stabilizes ( in about 6 months ). Partial denture replaces a few missing teeth.

Depending on your financial ability, when you lose all your teeth, there are other options than just denture.

From cheapest to the most expensive treatment are:

Immediate full denture >> Full denture >> Full overdenture >> Full snap on denture ( snaps onto the implants ) >> All on 4 ( fixed bridge screwed on implants ). All of the above options are removable except the All on 4.


If someone has financial problems and cannot afford implants, full upper denture is a good choice as long as the patient knows that not only every couple of years they need to be relined but also you will need a new one made, because of the bone loss on the ridges where teeth used to be. The good thing about the upper denture is that the bone on the roof of the mouth stays intact; which helps taking the pressure off the ridges; it also adds surface area that helps with the retention of the denture.


Unfortunately, the lower jaw only has bone on the ridge, and because there is no palate ( roof of the mouth ) to take the pressure off the ridges, the bone shrinks much faster. Also, the tongue is very nosey and keeps playing with the edge of the denture causing more instability. I do not suggest lower denture to anyone under 70 years old.

Full upper snap on denture:

As you lose bone in the upper jaw, not only the denture starts moving and causes sore spots; but also sticky food will dislodge the denture. To avoid these problems, you can place minimum 4 implants in the jaw; then screw a ball attachment on top of the implant. Then we incorporate sockets ( metal housing ) into the denture that would snap on to the ball attachments. Advantage is that not only you do not lose bone where the implants are; but also, the implants stop the denture from dislodging and moving left and right. One of the requirements for getting snap on dentures, is that the patient should have adequate bone for implants placement. Also enough bone for the dentist to be able to place the implants parallel to one another.

All on 4 Fixed bridge:

Refer to the All on 4 section under the services in our website.

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Partial denture:

A removable partial denture is a denture that replaces a few teeth for patients who want to have a replacement teeth for either function, esthetic, or stopping the opposing teeth from moving. There are different types of partials like:

  • Stay plate ( flipper ) used as temporary.
  • Metal partial denture.
  • acrylic partial denture
  • flexible partial denture ( Valplast ) which is the most esthetic.

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