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Full And Partial Dentures Drawbacks And Benefits

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Dentures Drawbacks And Benefits

There are a large number of benefits to getting full and partial dentures. If you have missing teeth then the full and partial dentures are the less expensive way to replace them. They improve your looks, your self-confidence, and they improve your ability to eat and remain healthy.

Full and partial dentures also have drawbacks. The lower dentures are hard for patients to keep in place. Your upper dentures can form suction in your mouth when they fit properly and they will stay in place because of this suction. Lower dentures cannot form the same type of suction and the biggest complaint people have about them is that they move in their mouths.

When the dental denture does not remain stable it can be very hard to eat foods that require chewing. Particles of food get under the dental plate and cause pain for the person wearing them. The food particles that get under the plates cause foul odors also.

Full and partial dentures can be gotten relatively cheaply so most people choose them over the titanium dental implants. Dental implants hold in place better and most people that have them have fewer complaints, but they are more expensive, and the healing process after they are implanted takes longer than the healing process for removable devices take.

Partial plates usually have wires that wrap around other teeth to hold them in place. The wires that hold them in place will eventually cut into the enamel of the base teeth and become painful. After long periods of time the base teeth may need to be extracted because the wires have cut so deeply into them. So the partials may actually cause more damage in your mouth over time.

Sores often develop under the dentures. Most sores are caused by food particles becoming trapped and the pressure that is applied when you chew causes the food particle to cut into your gums. After a while the small cut can become infected and this can lead to painful conditions. Sometimes the denture does not fit properly and this causes sores to be rubbed on the gums. This is a lot like when a shoe does not fit properly and rubs blisters on your feet.

There is medication to treat the painful sores and most people find that leaving their teeth out for long periods of time gives their gums a greater chance of healing. These sores can be annoying and if they persist you should see the dentist to alleviate the cause.

False teeth need to be soaked to be cleaned and people often complain about this soaking process. Vanity makes us not want to have anyone see us without our dental devices so soaking is often replaced with brushing. The problem is that when you use regular toothpaste and brush your teeth you can leave scratches that hold bacteria and cause foul odors in your mouth. Take the time to clean your dentures properly every day.

Full and partial dentures are a replacement for natural teeth you have lost. Full and partial dentures need to be properly maintained so they fit well and cause fewer complications. You can get more information at full and partials dentures and dental implants in San Diego.

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