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Full Arch Dental Implant Replacement Dentist In San Diego

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Full Arch Dental Implant Replacement

Full arch dental implants are those created to hold an entire set of dentures for the upper or lower jaw in position. Full arch dental implants are basically just like the ones done for bridges and partial teeth replacement except the number of actual implants may vary according to your bone condition and the shape of your mouth.

Careful diagnosis of the need for these implants and an intensive study to plan and coordinate the procedure will be required before you can have full arch dental implants installed. Your dentist will do x-rays and possible CT scans to determine the amount of bone you have available for the implants to anchor to.

In the case where there is not enough bone density to anchor the implants properly the dentist may tell you that you will have to undergo bone grafting surgery before you can have the implants placed in your mouth. If you need bone grafting surgery it could take three to six months for your mouth to heal well enough that the implants could be inserted.

Once the implants are inserted you are looking at another three to six months before the teeth can be loaded onto the implants. It takes time for the grafts to heal and time for the implants to become one with your jawbone.

During the time when you are healing from the bone grafts and implantation surgery, your dentist will likely affix a bridge that allows you to smile, eat, and act normally. Most people will not notice that you are having cosmetic surgery done unless you tell them. If the dentist cannot leave enough teeth in your mouth to support a bridge you may have to wear a standard removable denture device until your implants graft to the bone.

Your dentist will likely advise you to refrain from wearing anything like a denture plate for at least fourteen days after the implant surgery is performed. This amount of time is to allow your gums time to heal before you place the denture over them. Dentures can rub the gums and create problems with healing, and they also hold bacteria which can inhibit the healing process.

Your dentist may suggest that you are a candidate for an immediate loading. This means that as soon as the titanium pillars are implanted the dentist will load them with the teeth. There are special precautionary measures that must be taken when this type of procedure is done. In order to know if you are eligible for this procedure, you need to speak to your surgeon at length.

There is a possibility that the dentist can fabricate an upper denture device that does not have a palate that covers the roof of your mouth. This will have to be discussed with your cosmetic dentist consultant before you can determine if you are a candidate for this special type of denture device.

No matter what type of denture devices you require a complete set of x-rays and CT scans will be performed to determine the condition of your jawbones.

Full arch dental implant replacement covers placing false teeth on implant pillars so that they cover the entire upper mouth. Full arch dental implant replacement can be performed in more than one style and is something you must plan out with your dentist. If you are living in San Diego, California and looking to have  a full arch dental implant replacement please contact

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