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How To Decide If Invisalign Braces Are Right For You

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which Invisalign Braces Are Right For You

Invisalign braces are the clear brackets that can be applied to your teeth instead of the traditional silver metal brackets. Most people who need correction to their teeth can use the Invisalign instead of the traditional version, but only your orthodontist can know for sure if the Invisalign will work as effectively to correct your problem as the metal brackets do.

If you have been told that you are going to need to get braces to correct a problem in your mouth then you have to decide whether to get the traditional metal brackets or the new clear brackets installed Dr. Shojania of Extreme Smile Makeover in San Diego suggests making a list that details the benefits you could receive from choosing the slightly more expensive Invisalign braces over the regular silver metal versions.

Benefits of Invisalign braces

  • Teenagers and adults would prefer if everyone could not see they had braces on. If you have the clear braces installed then people will not be able to easily see that you have braces. This is especially important to adults who get these corrective appliances installed. In order to see the clear braces someone will need to be very close to you. That means that in pictures they will not normally show, people across the room will not see them, and you maintain a little more of your privacy.
  • The clear braces do not leave the permanent tooth discoloration that the older silver brackets leave. When traditional braces are removed from a person’s teeth there are usually markings on the teeth that show where the braces were attached. Sometimes the marks left behind by the brackets are permanent and the individual has to get veneers placed over their teeth to hide the marks from the braces.
  • The clear braces can be quickly removed for cleaning purposes. The original version of braces cannot be taken out of the mouth for any purpose, except when the dentist removes them. The clear brackets can be easily taken out of the mouth for cleaning and then placed back in position. You get to maintain a cleaner mouth and have fewer tooth damages as a result of food particles being trapped under a portion of your corrective braces.

Benefits of Old-Style Metal Braces

  • More orthodontists performs the installation of this type of equipment. Dr. Shojania of Extreme Smile Makeover performs procedures using both types of devices and suggests that you find a dental clinic that can do the same. The clear braces are newer to the market and some orthodontists have not yet acquired the skills to install and work with them. You will need to find an orthodontist that is qualified to install the clear brackets where all orthodontist install the metal versions.
  • The metal braces are cheaper to install than the clear ones are. The metal braces also require more trips to the orthodontist for cleaning and adjustments than the clear ones do. This means more time off of work if you are an adult having braces put in. You have to examine the cost of the devices and the cost of your taking off of work to maintain those devices. Dr. Shojania does the orthodonture work and also works as a general dentist and says that finding a dental clinic that can take care of all of your needs will save you the most time off of work because you will have fewer dental visits when one professional takes care of all of your concerns.

Invisalign braces are the new clear brackets that help to straighten your teeth. The Invisalign braces allow their wearers to keep their mouths cleaner and have less bad breath and cavities caused by trapped food particles.

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