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Lumineers May Or May Not Be Right For Your Teeth Restoration – Modern Dentistry That's Affordable | Free Xrays & Exams | No Hidden Cost

Lumineers May Or May Not Be Right For Your Teeth Restoration

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Teeth Restoration

Lumineers are actually veneers made of porcelain, that can be bonded to your teeth, without having to grind or drill on the surface. It may at times be necessary to slightly buff the tooth surface for better contact or adhesion of the veneers. One advantage to the use of Lumineers is that there is little to no destruction of your natural teeth, but there may be a few disadvantages.

Lumineers are designed to be much thinner than other veneers, so they appear to look as natural as possible. This can be both a benefit and a detriment, as traditional veneers, may often require destruction of some of the tooth enamel to avoid the tooth surface from becoming too thick.

The preparation requires anaesthesia, and multiple visits, where temporary coatings are placed over the teeth. On the other hand, because Lumineers are much thinner, and it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the right colour, and it becomes a bit more challenging to mask teeth that may heavily discolored.

At the gumline, the veneers may need more work to ensure that the edges are even, and blends seamlessly with the tooth to avoid inflammation. The placement procedure is virtually painless, with no sensitivity or signs or symptoms of discomfort. Lumineers should be custom-made, and the procedures should be handled by a certified dentist, but the process is not lengthy, and can be completed in only two visits.

At the first visit, the dentist makes impressions of both your lower and upper mandible, and the mold is sent to a laboratory, along with other documentation and photos to ensure that molds are accurately produced. There is no need for destructive procedures, such as drilling, or temporary coatings or uncomfortable anaesthesia injections.

On the second visit, after the veneers have been manufactured, the dentist will ensure that they fit well before they are bonded into place. The teeth are gently etched, to ensure proper bonding, and the veneers will be individually bonded to each tooth. The dentist will check your bite, closely looking for misalignment, gaps or spaces to avoid chipping or overlapping.

There are absolutely no restrictions on what you may eat or drink, when the procedure is completed, however, it is essential that you follow good hygiene practises, and continue to visit your dentist at least twice every year for check-ups. One of the biggest advantages of the use of Lumineers is that they appear natural. It may be one of these reasons why they have become so popular since they introduced more than three decades ago. Some celebrities are known to use them, and more than one million units have been inserted by more than 13,000 dentists around the country.

Depending on your point of view, they can be costly, sometimes up to $2000 for each tooth, however, if a brighter smile and more confidence are worth much more to you, you can get the confidence needed to improve your life, with a procedure that can last for up to two decades. In some regions, the treatment may also be covered by insurance.

Lumineers can be used to restore teeth that may have been damaged. Luminners are easy work with and are popular among celebrities, who wish to appear with the perfect natural looking smiles. You can get more information at Lumineers in San Diego CA and Lumineers Porcelain Veneers.

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