Dental Crowns


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Crowns are a hard thin layer of Porcelain or Zirconia** or both ( no metal or cheap material is used in our office ). A thin layer of tooth ( 1-1.5 mm ) is removed, and is replaced by a hard Porcelain or Zirconia. Crowns can be solid or translucent to reflect light to mimic the adjacent natural teeth. Crowns are normally used when a tooth has:

A) Crowns are used for large ( 2-3 surfaces ) cavity.

B) Crowns are used when a fractured / broken tooth needs to be protected.

C) Crowns are used to protect root canal teeth.

D) Crowns are used to reshape and straighten a tooth for cosmetic reasons.

E) Crowns are used to change the color or shade of the tooth for cosmetic reasons.

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** Zirconia is the material used to make fake diamonds from; it is extremely hard that never breaks or fractures. Zirconia comes in different shades ( white to yellow ) to mimic the natural tooth color.

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