Veneers (Lumineers, Durathin)

Dr. Shojania’s artistic talent, specializing in cosmetic dentistry through extensive cosmetic courses through UCLA, and other courses will insure minimal tooth structure removal, laser, and using the best permanent bonding cement for Porcelain Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin ), and Crowns.

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Veneers are a thin layer ( shell ) of hard Porcelain that mainly covers only the front of the tooth that is visible by other people. Normally a thin layer ( 0.5-1 mm paper thin ) of the outer layer ( enamel ) is removed, and it is replaced with a hard porcelain or Zirconia** Veneer ( Lumineers, Dura thin ). There are cases that there is no need for any natural tooth to be removed; and no shots needed. Porcelain Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin )are smooth, never change colors, and cannot get cavities. Veneers

( Lumineers, Dura thin ) can be solid or translucent to reflect light to mimic the adjacent natural teeth. Veneers ( Lumineers,Dura thin ) are used when:

A) Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin ) are used to cover a fractured tooth that has no cavity in the back of it, assuming the bite of the person allows it.

B) Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin ) are used when the patient wants to change the color ( shade ) of the teeth permanently.

C) Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin ) are used when the patient wants to straighten the teeth without using Braces and Invisalign. Also because Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin ) does not move teeth, and only reshape it to the desired form, there is no need to use retainers afterwards ( like braces and Invisalign).

D) Veneers ( Lumineers, Dura thin ) are also used when the tooth is discolored because of trauma or root canal therapy to change the color ( shade ).

Dental veneer is a thin layer ( 0.5-1 mm ) of material that permanently covers the front part of a tooth. There are basically 6 types of material used for dental veneers:

  • Composite dental veneer is the cheapest material, and it does get stained over time. Porcelain dental veneer.
  • Porcelain dental veneer is the material most used in dentistry. It mimics the natural teeth, and does not get stained.
  • Zirconia dental veneer is the strongest material; but not as esthetic as porcelain dental veneers.
  • Porcelain fused to zirconia dental veneer is strong and esthetic; but its thicker because its made with two materials fused together.
  • Lumineer dental veneer are made with cerinate material which is very thin and translucent. Mostly used for prepless dental veneer cases.
  • Durathin dental veneer is very thin hard porcelain made by DaVinci lab in Beverly Hills.

Dental veneer is normally used for:

  • Improving the look ( aesthetic ) of the smile ( or tooth ).
  • Protect the tooth from damage.
  • Changing the shade ( color ) of the tooth.
  • Changing the shape or size of the tooth.

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** Zirconia is the material used to make fake diamonds from; it is extremely hard that never breaks or fractures. Zirconia comes in different shades ( white to yellow ) to mimic the natural tooth color.

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