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Most people will end up having their wisdom teeth extracted. These are the final teeth that we get after we are adults. Most of the time these teeth come in problematic, and sometimes they never actually cut through the skin and must be removed before they are ever fully a part of our teeth.

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The first thing that will happen when you go to see Dr. Shojania about problems with these teeth is an examination. During the examination, the doctor will have x-rays made of your mouth to see what lies beneath the surface. The x-rays will tell them how deep the roots of the teeth are, if the teeth are straight or if they are crooked, and facts about your jawline.

These x-rays will allow the dentist to plan for any possible complications so they can tell you what they will need to do to extract your teeth. You will have to make another appointment to have the actual procedures performed.

The day before you go in for the extraction the dentist will instruct you to not take any aspirin or blood thinners that you may normally take. You will be instructed to stop eating and drinking about six hours before you will have the teeth extracted.

You will more than likely want to have someone drive you to the dentist appointment on the day of the extraction. Sometimes people are still a little woozy after this procedure and do not need to drive a car or operate heavy machinery.

When you go home after the extraction the dentist will tell you not to drink using a straw and not to smoke cigarettes. These two actions can cause you to develop what is known as a dry socket and these dry sockets are extremely painful for long periods of time.

You will need to eat soft foods for a couple of days to prevent injuring the area of your mouth where the teeth were located. There may be stitches in the area where the teeth were and you will be given care instructions if there are.

You do not need to gargle or use mouth rinses until at least one week after an extraction like this. You also will be given some pain relievers to control the pain after the extraction. You will only need these pain relievers for the first forty-eight hours or so and then you can take over the counter pain relief like ibuprofen tablets. Call your dentist immediately if there is severe swelling or pain.

Wisdom teeth removal dentist in San Diego must be a licensed oral surgeon because these teeth often need to be cut out. The wisdom teeth removal dentist in San Diego will need to schedule multiple visits to perform this procedure.

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