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There are many different products sold over the counter that are supposed to help you remove stains from your tooth surfaces. Why see a teeth whitening dentist in San Diego when these over the counter products are so easy to get, cheap, and easy to use? Because a teeth whitening dentist in San Diego like Dr. Shojania of the Extreme Smile Makeover can do a better job than the over the counter products can.

A teeth whitening dentist in San Diego will not only be able to remove the minor stains from your teeth that are caused by the foods you eat they will also know how to remove the major stains and discolorations caused by other factors.

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Age plays a major factor in the color of your teeth. As you age the enamel on your teeth starts to turn darker or take on a yellow appearance. Most of the over the counter products are peroxide and baking soda and they adequately remove the majority of food related stains, but they do not correct the ravages of time as well.

Medications can often cause your teeth to become discolored. The over the counter products that contain peroxide and baking soda will not have any effect on discoloration that is caused by certain antibiotics and cancer medications. You will need professional help to whiten teeth discolored by medication.

Environmental factors can play a part in the color of your teeth. You may need a professional to tell you how to get the white teeth and sparkling smile you dream of.

You can use over-the-counter products so excessively that you damage the enamel of your teeth and permanently leave them discolored. A professional clinic like Extreme Smile Makeover can tell you how to keep your teeth white and brilliant for longer periods of time.

Many foods stain and discolor our teeth. Food such as blueberries, coffee, tea, red wine, and strawberries will discolor your teeth over time; nope, not strawberries, because you can actually use strawberries to remove the stains that other foods deposit on your teeth. You simply crush the berries and apply them to the surface of the teeth and then wait five minutes.

After five minutes, you will need to brush the berries away using a good quality toothpaste and then be sure that you floss so that you remove all of the seeds from between your teeth. You can also brush your teeth daily with a toothpaste that contains peroxide and baking soda like the over the counter whiteners to keep your enamel stain free.

Nothing can replace sound oral hygiene to keep your teeth white and your teeth and gums healthy. Brush daily, floss daily and see a dentist every six months for regular check-ups to see if there are any problems starting to grow in your mouth.

Remember that you only get one permanent set of teeth and you have to make them last a lifetime.

Teeth whitening dentist in San Diego, Dr. Shojania can perform deeper cleanings than those you can get using the over the counter whitening products. Teeth whitening dentist in San Diego will recommend that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year.

Dr. Shojania in San Diego there are excellent dentists like Dr. Shojania at the Extreme Smile Makeover clinic to help them out.

A full mouth reconstruction dentist in San Diego will most frequently be called to work on patients who have been in tragic accidents that left them broken. Broken teeth and jawbones are frequently suffered in automobile accidents, skiing accidents, and racing accidents.

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Some people grind their teeth together when they are tense or when they are sleeping. This grinding of the teeth can cause extra bone to develop along the lower jawbone and this is called Tori. Tori has to be surgically chiseled away from the jawbone of the patient in order for it to be removed. You would need a surgical dentist that is trained in full mouth reconstruction techniques to perform this delicate procedure.

When a person has to have all of their teeth removed at an early age they tend to want to have the dental implants created in their mouth so they do not have removable dentures. Usually, a young person that needs denture devices is suffering from a genetic condition that causes them to lose their teeth or they have taken medications that have left them with teeth that are weakened.

Many people are unlucky enough to be born with small mouths and large teeth. When this occurs the teeth will crowd each other and become crooked and will actually look disfiguring. A trained oral surgeon will be needed to help people in this condition to get their teeth corrected so that they function properly.

Most people do not realize that extreme conditions in the mouth will affect their overall health. Extremely crooked teeth can be difficult to eat with and they can be painful as well. Having them corrected will improve the person’s appearance, their confidence, and their outlook, but most importantly it will improve their overall health.

Full mouth reconstruction happens over a period of time. There will several procedures during the process and after each procedure, the dentist will want your mouth to have time to heal before the next phase of the process begins.

The surgeon that you see about doing extensive dental work will sit with you and explain everything it will take, including the amount of healing time that will be involved in the process. You and the surgeon will work out a plan of action that works for both of you and you will be given detailed instructions about the things you will need to do to make the procedures work better.

These types of dental problems can be handled and the results can be very good, but you must trust your dentist and allow them to do the work they need to do in order to get your mouth back in perfect condition.

A full mouth reconstruction dentist in San Diego sees many victims of car and truck accidents. The full mouth reconstruction dentist in San Diego will need to perform several procedures to complete the work you need.

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