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Tips for Mercury Free Filling In Your Teeth, Composite Filling Dentistry in San Diego – Modern Dentistry That's Affordable | Free Xrays & Exams | No Hidden Cost

Tips for Mercury Free Filling In Your Teeth, Composite Filling Dentistry in San Diego

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Tips for Mercury Free Filling In Your Teeth

Composite fillings are used to fix the cavities you get in your teeth. When the dentist drills out the rotted material of a cavity they must put something in its place to cover the nerves of the teeth, and to protect the teeth. Composite fillings are what the dentist places in the area where the rotted tooth material was.
Composite fillings are made from many different materials. Gold, amalgam, and a resin filling known as “white filling“, are the most frequently used. Amalgam has been being used to fill these places in teeth since the late 1800s, but even way back then doctors knew that amalgam was primarily made up of mercury, and mercury could cause a human to be sick, or even die.

Some dentist chose to only repair teeth with a mercury-free filling, and some patients insisted on this type of material being used. Most dentists do not use only the mercury-free filling material because it costs more than the amalgam, and mercury-free filling material can be harder to work with than the amalgam.

Some people do not believe that the amount of mercury that is leached into the system of people who have an amalgam filling is enough to be that dangerous. These people believe that the less costly material is fine because it has been used for many years, and the majority of dentists still use it today. So why should you choose the most costly materials if amalgam has been used in the mouths of so many people?

Dr. Shojania of Extreme Smile Makeover in San DiegoCalifornia explained to us some of the problems that amalgam dental fillings can cause.

When you put amalgam on teeth you have to remove a large portion of the healthy tooth matter before you can get the amalgam to adhere properly. The tooth is weakened by this removal of healthy matter and the tooth is easier to damage. Over time, the amalgam is expanding and contracting and this can result in the tooth becoming cracked from the pressure.

The amalgam pollutes the environment that we live in and causes many problems. The mercury gets into the water supplies through the releases and disposal at the dental clinics. It also gets into the air that we breathe through emissions from the dental clinics, during the cremation of bodies with amalgam fillings, when the sludge from the clinic is incinerated, and when people with these fillings exhale and allow the mercury vapor to escape their bodies.  The amalgam also enters the atmosphere via landfills, burials, and fertilizer.

Once amalgam has leached mercury into the environment it can cause people to have increased numbers of birth defects and neurological complications. Dental clinic employees are exposed to the harmful effects of the mercury more so than other people and because of this they have higher instances of neurological complications.

Amalgam is not a safe substance, and there are too many other choices for filling materials for us to continue to put our health and environment at risk using it.

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