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Tips On Accessing Emergency Dental Care In San Diego

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Emergency Dental Care In San Diego

There may come a time in anyone’s life where they could find that they require emergency dental care in San Diego. However careful you are with your teeth, accidents can happen, and it is very easy to accidentally chip or break a tooth. In fact, toothache itself can be so severe that it can stop you from thinking, eating, drinking and even sleeping. If you find yourself in a situation like this one, it is essential that you know what to do if you need emergency dental care in San Diego. The steps which are given below are designed to help you to cope if you find that you have been struck by dental misfortune.
1. Take a Painkiller
If you are able to take Ibuprofen, take one to help to ease the pain. This will help you to think more clearly and can help to reduce any swelling in the mouth. Reducing the swelling can reduce the pain in itself.
2. Contact your dentist
Most dentists ensure that they have free time in their schedules for emergency appointments because they know that dental emergencies can and will happen. When you call you dentist, make sure that you can provide them with as much detail about your condition as possible, including the amount of pain that you are in and whether the pain is constant. If your dentist does not have any free slots, they may be able to refer you to another respected dentist who caters for dental emergencies in San Diego.
3. Ask for advice
Whether or not your dentist is able to fit you in that day, you should still be able to ask them for instant advice, which may help you to cope until you are able to see the dentist later on. Depending on what your emergency is, the advice will differ. If one of your teeth has been knocked out, you may be advised to put the tooth into milk without washing it, and then bring it along to your appointment with you.
4. Check your insurance
Always check with your dentist that a procedure is covered by insurance before you arrange your appointment. This is especially important if you find yourself attending a dentist who is not your regular dentist. If you don’t have insurance, ask about payment plans so you can feel more at ease about paying for your treatment.
5. Ask about your options
Once you have found emergency dental care in San Diego, you can relax safe in the knowledge that an expert is dealing with your problem. Some dental experts such as Dr. Shojania of Extreme Smile Makeover have year’s worth of experience of dealing with patients who have experienced all kinds of dental emergencies. Even if you have to have an extraction or your knocked out tooth cannot be re-implanted, there are plenty of cosmetic dental options available to you. Ask about your options whilst you are still at the dentist so that you will feel reassured about your oral health.

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