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Tips On Caring For Dental Veneers In San Diego

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Dental Veneers In San Diego

Lots of people choose dental veneers in San Diego because they are an excellent way to restore a damaged smile. They are one of the best options to correct a chipped or damaged tooth. Having dental veneers in San Diego is easy to arrange, relatively inexpensive and only takes a couple of dental surgery visits to complete, as long as you take good care of your teeth and follow the advice that your dentist gives to you. Caring for dental veneers is easy, as long as you follow the sensible advice given below.
1. Avoid Abrasive Toothpaste
Avoid toothpaste which claims that it contains “abrasive” particles. Most toothpaste which is classified as a “whitening paste” will include particles, so be especially careful around these brands. Whilst these kinds of toothpaste are suitable for whitening real teeth, they can have the opposite effect on porcelain veneers, and may scratch and dull the surface instead. Once the shiny glaze has been rubbed off a porcelain veneer, it will stain and discolor far more easily.
2. Use a soft bristled brush
General dental advice suggests that you should use a soft or medium brush as part of your normal routine, but it is even more important to avoid a hard bristled brush if you have dental veneers, as they will wear away at the surface of the veneer, rather than simply cleaning the dirt off. You should not “scrub” aggressively at your porcelain veneer. Brush them gently like you would brush your natural teeth.
3. Floss Regularly
Whilst you should floss regularly between all of your teeth, it is especially important to make sure that you floss around any areas where there are veneers. These areas can see increased levels of accumulated food and bacteria which flossing can help to remove. Regular flossing will help to protect the teeth and gums around your veneers and can help to improve your general oral health. Regular flossing can also help to control gum disease. Maintaining great oral health will help your veneers to last much longer.
4. Alert your hygienist
If you regularly visit a hygienist who is not based at the dental surgery where you got your dental veneers in San Diego, you should let them know that you had dental veneers put in. This will allow them to prepare cleaning products that are suitable for use on veneers (i.e. non-abrasive solutions). Some of the scaling tools which are used by hygienists are also unsuitable for use on veneers. A well-trained hygienist will know what they can and cannot use, but if you are very concerned, you should go back to the dentist where you had your veneers put in.
If you have your dental veneers done by a cosmetic dental expert like Dr. Shojania, from Extreme Smile Makeover, they will always be able to offer you expert aftercare advice on how to clean and care for your dental veneers. Always feel free to ask your dentist if you feel that you need more advice.

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