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Tips On Wisdom Teeth Removal In San Diego – Modern Dentistry That's Affordable | Free Xrays & Exams | No Hidden Cost

Tips On Wisdom Teeth Removal In San Diego

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Tips On Wisdom Teeth Removal

Traditionally, the human jaw has held 32 different teeth, which present themselves in the formation of 2 central incisors, 2 lateral incisors, 2 canines, 4 premolars and 6 molar teeth in each piece of the jaw (upper and lower). The last of these teeth to emerge from the jaw bone are the third set of 2 molars at the back of either jaw.

They may not emerge from the adult jaw until well into the twenties, and they are known as the wisdom teeth. However, the emergence of wisdom teeth is rarely without complications. Every year, thousands of people have wisdom teeth removal in San Diego. Whilst many people wait until the later life to have their wisdom teeth removed, it is actually much easier to do it on younger patients. However, you should not be afraid to broach the topic with your dentist if you think that your wisdom teeth may be problematic. Here are some hints that you may need wisdom teeth removal in San Diego.
Periodic Inflammation of the gums: If you find that the gums at the back of your mouth are regularly sore or inflamed, then you may be having trouble with your wisdom teeth. Although there is usually some pain or irritation associated with the emergence of teeth (imagine a baby teething!), regular inflammation over a lengthy period of time suggests trouble under the surface of the gums.

Stiffness or pain in the jawbone
Problems caused by wisdom teeth can reach down into the jawbone. Infection in the wisdom teeth can cause pain which spreads along the whole jaw. If your wisdom teeth have emerged in a misaligned formation, they can also cause your natural bite to change, which may also cause discomfort and pain in the jawbone.

Tooth pain
If you experience pain in your wisdom teeth, then there is a good chance that they may need to be extracted. It is very easy for decay to set in these teeth because they are in a position which is very hard to reach with a toothbrush. If they have only partially erupted or have erupted at an angle, then there are often pockets in the gum or under the teeth where food and bacteria can accumulate. This often leads to decay in the teeth. Problems can also spread easily to the second molars as well.

Misaligned teeth
If you suddenly notice that your teeth are becoming misaligned, this may be caused by the emergence of your wisdom teeth. The human jaw seems to be evolving to become smaller, but this means that there is less room for the wisdom teeth to emerge. On some occasions, the emergence of wisdom teeth can put extra stress onto the other teeth in the mouth, which can cause them to become misaligned. Removing the wisdom teeth can remove the extra strain which is being placed on the other teeth in the mouth.
Expert dentists like Dr. Ali Shojania of Extreme Smile Makeover are able to perform wisdom teeth removals in San Diego on young adults and older people.

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